Donnerstag, 17. August 2017

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  1. A Development Investment for the Ages

    Malnutrition receives less attention than most of the world’s other major challenges, yet it is one area where a relatively small investment can make the biggest difference. As both a cause and an effect of poverty, malnutrition it part of a cruel cycle that can last for generations on end.

  2. Media Capture in the Digital Age

    The age of censors physically redacting newspapers is mostly over. But press freedom remains highly vulnerable, even in developed democracies, as governments and vested interests engage in a kind of soft control that resembles regulatory capture.

  3. Are Nazis as American as Apple Pie?

    Notwithstanding recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia, any sober observer can see that the United States is still a long way from the fevered atmosphere of Germany in 1933. But just because US institutions are holding up does not mean that they can't be put in the service of vicious political programs.

  4. The Lost Lesson of the Financial Crisis

    When the global financial crisis began ten years ago this month, policymakers in advanced economies treated it as a cyclical shock rather than an epochal event. Because they misdiagnosed the sickness, they administered the wrong medicine, and advanced economies have struggled to achieve strong, inclusive growth ever since.

  5. Planning for Korean Reunification

    Like the fall of the Berlin Wall, a collapse of Kim Jong-un's regime in North Korea could happen quite suddenly. To prepare for that contingency, the United States and South Korea need to assure China that a reunified Korea would not be its enemy, and that American troops would not suddenly be stationed on its border.

  6. The Wrong Way to Prevent Nuclear War

    A vast majority of countries want to eliminate the existential threat of nuclear catastrophe by ushering in a world free of nuclear weapons altogether. But as the current effort to push through a flawed nuclear-ban treaty shows, some solutions to the problem of nuclear weapons could do more harm than good.

  7. The End of Asia’s Strategic Miracle?
    Asia's contemporary "economic miracle" rests on the fact that relative peace and order have been maintained in the region since the end of the Vietnam War. But the factors underpinning that stability have started to give way, which poses a serious threat to not just Asia, but the entire world.
  8. A Trip Through Putin Country

    Russia's Baikal-Amur Mainline railway is not nearly as well-known as its much older rival, the Trans-Siberian Railway. But it is the BAM – a halcyon relic from the height of the Soviet Union – that offers a more useful window onto the mood among most Russians today.

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