Mittwoch, 18. Oktober 2017


Lebensstil auf Basis von Gesundheit und Nachhaltigkeit
  1. McMindfulness of Positive Thinking
    Have you ever been told you just need to “think positive” and your problems will go away? Or that to achieve what you want in your life, all you need to do is visualize it and it will end up appearing? It’s an approach to life that’s been popular for decades thanks to books like […]
  2. Yaima Music
  3. Carbon Based Lifeforms – Ambient
    www.carbonbasedlifeforms.net Legendary ambient unit Carbon Based Lifeforms returns after a six year hiatus with their most haunting work to date. The Swedish duo’s fifth album “Derelicts” escorts the group’s massive analog ambiance to new heights. Building upon traditions created in CBL’s early trilogy, the group’s calm, exoplanetary atmospheres are on full display – eliciting an […]
  4. Henry Saiz – The Light
      Henry Saiz – Balance presents Natura Sonoris Spanish musical genius Henry Saiz provided one of Balance’s most memorable efforts on the 19th volume, utilising vinyl, cassette, reel-to-reel tapes and over 100 field recordings to create an incredible patchwork of sounds that came together as a beautiful whole. Ever keen to provide something unique, he […]
  5. 5G + what the Kids and Masses do not know
    The Good?     THE BAD   SUMMARY: Everything is monitored in REALTIME by government…   2017 Expert Forum: Wireless Radiation and Human Health 5G millimeter wave radiation dangers described by expert. These small cel transmitters will be located near every 2 to 10 homes, exposing your family to harmful, carcinogenic, neurotoxic, and genotoxic wireless […]
  6. Patrick Wood: Technocracy Rising
    Interview with Patrick Wood – IoT and AI This is part 1 of 2. watch part 2: https://youtu.be/kOa4nM_xbD4 The technocratic takeover that was dreamed up in the 1920’s has never gone away. rising from its ashes in the form of the Trilateral Commission, the people in charge of wanting to create a technocratic utopia on […]
  7. Time is right – Inspiration Campaign
    Inspiration Campaign The purpose of Inspiration Campaign is to promote a New Human Paradigm by using the power of choice, meaningful experiences and creative participation to increase consciousness by transforming traditional advertising into consistent sources of positive social input for everyone. http://inspirationcampaign.com https://www.facebook.com/InspirationCampaign
  8. Geschützt: What nobody want´s to know – Die Matrix
    Es gibt keine Kurzfassung, da dies ein geschützter Beitrag ist.

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