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Overcoming the Environmental Stalemate

EcoMindFrances Moore Lappé takes on big issues in big ways with important results. In her mid-20s, she set out to understand why there is hunger in the world. The result was Diet for a Small Planet, which sold millions of copies. It challenged the notion that hunger comes from scarcity, presciently explained the ecological problems of food production, and put solutions and choice within the reach of ordinary people.

Sustainable Brands 2013

sb13SAN FRANCISCO, June 4, 2013 /3BL Media/ – 7th annual community gathering begins today with Sustainable Brands 2013 (SB’13) kicking off in San Diego, CA at Paradise Point Resort & Spa. Presented by BMW i, over 2,000 community members from around the globe are participating in the conference, expo and live stream feed from the event. This year’s conference theme, From Revolution to Renaissance, focuses on positive shifts currently taking place in business and society and provides examples of purpose-driven brand innovation that are reinvigorating global and local economies.

Natural Capital for Nothing

environmental impactThe notion of “externalities” has become familiar in environmental circles. It refers to costs imposed by businesses that are not paid for by those businesses. For instance, industrial processes can put pollutants in the air that increase public health costs, but the public, not the polluting businesses, picks up the tab. In this way, businesses privatize profits and publicize costs.

The Future of Sustainability Is Design, Not Communication

airbnbWhen it comes to building brands and driving change, effective communication is a prerequisite. Unsurprisingly then, communications are often the first port of call when it comes to the unique challenges and opportunities that sustainability represents for today’s brands.

Is Sustainability Still Possible?

worldwatchState of the World 2013: Is Sustainability Still Possible? Every day, we are presented with a range of “sustainable” products and activities—from “green” cleaning supplies to carbon offsets - but with so much labeled as “sustainable,” the term has become essentially sustainababble, at best indicating a practice or product slightly less damaging than the conventional alternative.

Earth Rights and Sharing World Resources

Share World RessourcesLand value taxation embodies the principle that natural resources are the creations of nature and should therefore belong to society as a whole, not individuals – and as STWR acknowledges, the ramifications of this conceptual shift for a more just and sustainable world are potentially immense.

The Consumer Goods Forum

gscp sustainabilityThe Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) is a global, parity-based industry network, driven by its members. It brings together the CEOs and senior management of over 400 retailers, manufacturers, service providers and other stakeholders across 70 countries and reflects the diversity of the industry in geography, size, product category and format. Forum member companies have combined sales of EUR 2.5 trillion and their retailer and manufacturer members directly employ nearly 10 million people with a further 90 million related jobs estimated along the value chain.

International Year of Sustainable Energy

logo-die-topThe United Nations has proclaimed 2012 as the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. Added to this, Rio+20 will be taking place in June to mark the 20th anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit, with the focus on a green economy and the institutional framework for sustainable development. For the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) this is reason enough to devote “The Current Column” to energy and climate issues at regular intervals this year.

Daniele Ganser - Wie die NATO-Länder die UNO sabotieren

Daniele GanserIllegale Kriege - Wie die NATO-Länder die UNO sabotieren. Eine Chronik von Kuba bis Syrien. Wir, die Völker der Vereinten Nationen – fest entschlossen, künftige Geschlechter vor der Geißel des Krieges zu bewahren, die zweimal zu unseren Lebzeiten unsagbares Leid über die Menschheit gebracht hat –, haben beschlossen: Alle Mitglieder unterlassen in ihren internationalen Beziehungen jede gegen die territoriale Unversehrtheit oder die politische Unabhängigkeit eines Staates gerichtete oder sonst mit den Zielen der Vereinten Nationen unvereinbare Androhung oder Anwendung von Gewalt.

Im Zweifel für Europa?

Credit: Andrei PungovschiSo bunt war Alpbach noch nie. 102 Nationen waren am Europäischen Forum Alpbach 2016 vertreten, das zum mittlerweile 72. Mal erfolgreich über die Bühne ging. Insgesamt 5.340 TeilnehmerInnen kamen, um zu dem Generalthema „Neue Aufklärung“ über Schwerpunkte wie Digitalisierung und EU-Außenpolitik zu diskutieren. Die erfreuliche Bilanz des Europäischen Forums Alpbach schließt auch die 700 StipendiatInnen mit ein, die mit WissenschafterInnen, ExpertInnen und VertreterInnen aus Politik, Wirtschaft und Zivilgesellschaft den Mut aufbrachten, gemeinsam Neuland zu betreten.

Welt immer ärmer, radikaler, undemokratischer

World on FireNicht nur aufgrund der Flüchtlingszahlen nimmt die deutsche Öffentlichkeit internationale Krisen derzeit recht unmittelbar wahr. Konfliktlösungen allerdings sind kaum in Sicht, im Gegenteil: Politische und soziale Spannungen nehmen weltweit zu. Und sie kommen Westeuropa so nah wie lange nicht. Der BTI identifiziert Stärken und Schwächen der Steuerung von Transformationsprozessen im internationalen Vergleich und benennt Beispiele guter Regierungsführung. Er ist das Ergebnis der Zusammenarbeit von knapp 300 Länder- und Regionalexperten von führenden Universitäten und Think Tanks weltweit.


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