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Japan LOHAS Consumer Trends Database

Some of the driving forces into the LOHAS movement are evident across the world, including Japan. This is due to a variety of societal and cultural influences. The implications for companies operating in either Japan and the U.S. are immense, and NMI can help you understand and capitalize on them.

Japan LOHAS Consumer Trends Database 

The Japan LOHAS Consumer Trends Database™ includes hundreds of measures across a variety of topics, including:

  • Lifestyle factors
  • Sources of influence
  • Psychographics
  • Shopping patterns
  • Food and beverages
  • Hybrid and alternative-fuel cars
  • Renewable power
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • And much more!

Sponsorship Package

A sponsorship package subscription to NMI's annual LOHAS Japan survey will allow you to include proprietary/custom survey questions exclusive about to your business and consumersproduct/service category. You'll also receive custom data tables, custom analysis, and custom written reports and a copy of our 35-page general report, Understanding the LOHAS Consumer™  (specific to the industry of your choice). Participate in both the U.S. and Japan LOHAS studies for added value and comparative analysis.

Sponsorship package includes:

  • Proprietary/custom survey questions
  • Custom data tables:
    • Across all sponsor-proprietary and core questions
    • Includes general population, the four NMI consumer segments, and 10 consumer segments of your choice
  • NMI custom analysis
    • 75+ page written report
    • Executive presentation
    • On-site consulting session



One of the world's leading experts in green marketing, Jacquelyn Ottman will conduct a series of talks and workshops in Tokyo, hosted by Japan's leading green marketing consultancy, E-Square, Inc.   
 On October 25 and 26, Ms. Ottman will present lectures on sustainable marketing to two corporate networks that E-Square, Inc. facilitates, the Frontier Network and the LOHAS Marketing Initiative.   
 The Frontier Network is a network of corporations which has as its main purpose the pursuit of sustainable management and business practices. The network meets quarterly for strategy sessions, annual two-day workshops, luncheon briefings with international experts on issues related to business and sustainability and other services to give participants an information edge and the practical tools to implement state-of-the-art sustainable management practices. Member companies include Asahi Breweries, Fuji Film, Fujitsu, Panasonic, and Nissan Motor.   
 The LOHAS Marketing Initiative is a network for companies to study about LOHAS ("Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability") businesses and consumers in Japan.   
 Jacquelyn Ottman is president, J. Ottman Consulting, inc. a New York City based consultancy founded in 1989 that has helped more than 60 Fortune 500 businesses, the ENERGY STAR® label and other organizations learn how to seize opportunities by proactively addressing consumers' environmental concerns. She is the author of the groundbreaking book, Green Marketing: Opportunity for Innovation and has been a speaker at conferences and corporate environmental forums run by such companies as IBM, 3M, Philips Electronics and GE. The principal organizer of the Design:Green eco-design educational initiative, she sits on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Sustainable Design (UK), the Center for Small Business and the Environment, and the NYC chapter of O2, of which she is past co-chairman. For seven years, she chaired the jury of the American Marketing Association's Special Edison Awards for Environmental Achievement.   
 "We are delighted to host Jacquelyn Ottman, who is recognized as one of the top consultants in green marketing in the world. We are certain our clients will benefit from her unique perspective on sustainable marketing," said Peter David Pedersen, president of E-Square, Inc. Ms. Ottman said, "I am excited to see firsthand Japanese consumers involvement with sustainable marketing; in many ways the Japanese market leads the U.S. in penetration of LOHAS attitudes, habits and product purchasing."
While in Tokyo, Ms. Ottman will also be recording a lecture for Tohoku University.

The Frontier Network and the LOHAS Marketing Initiative lectures are openly solely to members. For information, contact Mr. Hiro Motoki of E-Square, Inc.     


More Information contact:
Jacquelyn Ottman/ J. Ottman Consulting, Inc. New York  

212 879 4160  

Hiro Motoki/ E-square-Inc./ Tokyo  


Japan offers a wealth of LOHAS-related resources. Here are just a few:

The Cultural Creatives: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World by Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson (Harmony Books, 2000) www.culturalcreatives.org

It Lives in LOHAS by Peter David Pedersen (Business Company, 2006)(Japanese)

Healing and Beauty Lifestyle Fair July 29-30, Tokyo Big Site. www.a-advice.com (Japanese)

Natural Products Expo Japan Sep 21-23, Tokyo Big Site. www.naturalproductsjapan.com (English)

Alishan Organic Center Café Store and online ordering based in Hidaka, Saitama. www.alishan-organic-center.com (English)

Mominoki House Natural food restaurant in Harajuku, since 1976. www2.odn.ne.jp/mominoki_house (English and Japanese)

Ohsawa Japan Macrobiotic meals delivered to your home or office. www.ohsawa-japan.co.jp (Japanese)

Orto New Organic Restaurant High-end dining at The President Hotel, Aoyama. www.president-hotel.co.jp/eindex.htm (English and Japanese)

Natural House Organic food store with dozens of locations nationwide and online ordering. www.naturalhouse.co.jp (Japanese)

Radish Boya Nationwide home delivery of organic produce. www.radishbo-ya.co.jp (Japanese)

Health and Wellness
Aveda Salon Spa and Pure Café High-end LOHAS beauty, pampering and food in Omotesando. www.aveda.co.jp (Japanese)

Body Mode Stott Pilates school with studios in Harajuku and Roppongi.

Fitness Japan Online source for fitness and health featuring alternatives from power yoga to Pilates. www.fitnessjp.com (English)

Mellow Beaute Yoga, Pilates and ballet in Daikanyama and Azabu Juban. 
www.mellowbeaute.com (Japanese)

Studio Yoggy Yoga with an emphasis on LOHAS with locations throughout Japan. www.studio-yoggy.com (Japanese)

Welda Japan Organic cosmetics. www.weleda.com (multi-lingual)

Yogajaya Patrick Oancia’s school with branches in Aoyama and Daikanyama.
www.yogajaya.com (English and Japanese)

LOHAS Sunday Weekly show on LOHAS people, goods and design broadcast by
J-Wave 81.3 FM every Sunday, 6-9am. (Japanese)

E-Square Inc. Business and technical information on LOHAS in Japan. www.e-squareinc.com (English and Japanese)

LOHAS Channel Streaming videos of interviews with LOHAS leaders from different sectors. www.lohaschannel.com (English)

LOHAS Club Popular site offering information on LOHAS in Japan. www.lohasclub.org/english/eng_100.html (Japanese and some English)

LOHAS Journal US-based online arm of pioneering LOHAS Journal offers a wealth of info about the global movement and market. www.lohas.com (English)

LOHAS Project Tokyo-based online educational site promoting sustainable residential communities. www.lohasproject.jp (Japanese)

LOHAS-World Source of information and local events. www.lohas-world.com (Japanese and some English)

People Tree Fair trade fashion and information on products that give the environment and working staff a fair shake. www.peopletree.co.jp (Japanese)
www.peopletree.co.uk (UK version in English)

Reborn Website of a private Japanese travel agency specializing in eco-tourism. www.reborn-japan.com/english (Japanese and some English)


E-Square Incorporated

Business for a Better Tomorrow

Our mission is simple: Healthy People, Healthy Planet, Healthy Profits
Our task is ambitious: Building a bridge to a sustainable tomorrow

Our Business

E-Square Incorporated was founded in September 2000. Our name, E-Square, derives from "E to the power of two" = the balance and integration between economy and ecology/ethics and from the idea of creating a "green square" - a forum for people and ideas from across the world to meet and mingle.

All our business activities relate to the creation of a "sustainable economy" - E-Square aims to support both corporate and non-corporate players in the transition to an environmentally and socially sustainable society. The achievement of SUSTAINABLE VALUE CREATION is the key focus of our work with clients.

We use our extensive national and international network of leading experts in the field to provide our clients the best possible angle on the topic in question and always work in close collaboration with clients to provide solutions tailor-made to their needs.


E-Square provides services in the following five fields, all related to sustainability/environment/corporate social responsibility.

Vision-building, strategy-building, roadmaps, KPI development, CSR diagnosis, benchmark surveys.

CSR/sustainability reporting support, communications strategy, stakeholder dialogues/stakeholder engagement strategy, stakeholder surveys.

Educational workshops, executive training and lectures, educational materials planning and development, curriculum development.

Marketing consulting (based mainly on the LOHAS concept), LOHAS Consumer Trends Database Japan (in collaboration with the Natural Marketing Institute), LOHAS surveys and research.

Sustainable business model development (based mainly on the PSS concept Product-Service Systems), materials and product development support (in collaboration with Michael Braungart).

Corporate Networks

E-Square operates two corporate networks.

The Frontier Network (TFN)
A corporate network with 13 of Japan’s leading corporations working jointly on sustainable supply chain management, sustainable business model development and other frontier issues related to sustainable business innovation.

The LOHAS Marketing Initiative (LMI)
A corporate network with 17 of Japan’s leading corporations working on how to implement LOHAS-oriented marketing communications strategies and product/service development. The network is operated in collaboration with Dentsu and Dai Nippon Printing.

Corporate Information


Chairman Takashi "Tachi" Kiuchi (Chairman, The Future 500, former Chairman, Mitsubishi Electric America)
Chief Executive Peter David Pedersen
Deputy Chief Executive Hiro Motoki
Director Ken Oikawa
Satoko Ekberg
Mitsu Kimata (former Chief Executive of The Bodyshop Japan)
Masami Atarashi (former CEO, Johnson & Johnson Japan, Hallmark Japan)
Auditor Hirotoshi Komoda (CEO, Historia Research Institute)

50,000,000 yen
70 private investors

Head Office
Suite 301, Sanyo Bldg.
1-1-33 Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
105-0012 JAPAN

Phone +81-3-5777-6730
Fax +81-3-5777-6735

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